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February 24, 2013

Zillow Digs Image 1Zillow, known primarily as the popular website for new home listings, has now launched its own home decor and remodeling website. Zillow Digs, which is similar to Houzz and Pinterest, allows users to save and search through a series of inspirational home design images.

Users can find images based on style, cost and room type. They can also share photos and comments with friends, and connect with the app via Facebook as well as create their own image boards. What about boards? They can also create their own boards, similar to Pinterest.

A quick browse through of the current trending images revealed that a majority of the photos are inspiration for kitchens, but outdoor living areas are also another trending item.

For those wondering what makes Zillow Dig different from other types of home decor sites, the answer is that it offers a tool called Dig Estimates. The estimates tool allows users to figure out what it would cost to turn their inspirational room into a reality based on data from local contractors, plus they can also connect with these local contractors to help them get the job done.

What really makes this tool handy is that remodeling rates are specific to a user’s location and are broken down for each part of a room. For example, a search on remodeling a kitchen in the Chicago area reveals cost breakdowns for everything from cabinets and counters to backsplash, drywall and even electrical costs. While the true cost of remodeling can often be a bit surprising, it’s nice to know there are ways to gauge the cost before you start tearing down walls.

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