McHenry County Homes Get More Energy Efficient in 2013

April 08, 2013

McHenry County homeIf you have been waiting to purchase a new McHenry County home, now is the perfect time. As of January 1, 2013, all new homes built in the state of Illinois will be 32 percent more energy efficient than those built under the old energy codes put into effect in 2006. While the cost of making homes more energy efficient can raise the purchase price, Gerstad Builders has been transitioning towards these new regulations over the last seven or eight years, so the increase in cost is not as evident in their pricing.

“We are excited about all of the strides that have been made towards making homes more energy efficient,” said Roger Gerstad, President of Gerstad Builders. “These new regulations, along with our semi-custom building process, allow buyers to purchase and design the home of their dreams.”

How do these new regulations affect the building process? Before a home is even built, it must go through a modeling program to determine the energy efficiency and, if necessary, modify the building specifications to make sure it will meet code. Then, before it is occupied, a home must meet a pressurization test to make sure the home is built tight enough to meet the code of five air changes per hour or less.

Energy efficient features of new homes include walls insulated to R18 with attics insulated to at least R38, power ventilated gas furnaces and water heaters, Low-E glass with better insulating properties in windows and basements with fully-insulated foundations using vinyl-wrapper fiberglass on the inside of the foundation walls. Options for providing adequate ventilation include attic units that can bring in fresh air and thermally control it before sending it to the furnace, as well as bathroom fans that can run constantly to draw in a small amount of outside air.

While purchasing a new home may be more expensive than purchasing an older home, you can take comfort in the fact that your new home is up to code and more energy efficient. For more information on the new energy efficiency regulations, check out the recent Daily Herald article featuring an interview from Roger.

At Gerstad Builder, new homes in Poplar Grove, McHenry and Richmond are semi-custom and built to meet the new energy efficiency regulations. For more information on our beautiful Illinois homes, visit www.GerstadBuilders.com. In addition to Illinois, Gerstad Builders offers new homes in Williams Bay, Wis.

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Roger Gerstad is the president of Gerstad Builders, a family-owned and operated company committed to construction of homes of the highest quality known to the industry. Roger is a graduate of Bradley University and was educated in the field of construction through the wisdom and leadership of his father. Gerstad has developed the communities of Mill Creek, Waters Edge, Winding Creek, Deerwood, Chesapeake Hills, Abbey Ridge, The Trails of Winding Creek, Pebble Creek, Timber Trails, The Trails of Boone Creek, The Trails of River Oaks, The Towns of Boone Creek, Liberty Trails, and Abbey Ridge Townhomes in McHenry, Illinois as well as Pheasant Ridge in Richmond, Illinois, Bailey Estates in Williams Bay, Wisconsin and Dawson Creek in Poplar Grove, Illinois.

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