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August 30, 2013


Taverns have been a part of society since our country’s inception. In fact, founding father Benjamin Franklin said, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”Local historian, entrepreneur, and tavern-enthusiast Liz Garibay has taken our tavern, bar, and pub-hopping obsession to a whole new level with her informative and fun business called Tales, Taverns, and Towns.

Citing her long-standing connection with taverns not only as watering holes, but also as important places of history, community, and gathering, Liz has taken on Chicago’s bar scene with an intellectual twist, by researching and discussing the history of local taverns while enjoying libations within them.

Tales, Taverns, and Towns offers tours and events that highlight the historical significance of local pubs, while providing a fun atmosphere to enjoy a drink with friends or co-workers. Tales, Taverns, and Towns makes the fun accessible for all legal drinkers by hosting a number of events for Chicago natives and tourists to experience some bar history, or offering customized tours or bar walks for groups of all sizes. If you would rather not risk moving while drinking, Tales, Taverns, and Towns will come to you to do a historical presentation on the tavern of your choice.

Not sure if you can commit to a full day of historical fun and beer-consumption (maybe you need to take a look at your priorities)? Tales, Taverns, and Towns has a free app that provides historical information on over 100 Chicago bars. It was rated one of the top ten apps for Chicago visitors, and after using it, I’ll go ahead and say that it’s my favorite hometown app. Take your afternoon or evening at the pub to a whole new level, and learn about that trusty place that fills your cup. How come my history classes were never like this?
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