Start Saving on Winter Energy Costs Now

November 11, 2013

Early Chicago home maintenanceWhen it gets cold out, we tend to stay in as much as we can, and in doing so we end up paying higher costs to keep the heat running at comfortable temperatures, lights on and the like – all month-to-month expenses that add up, especially when we have family in for the holidays. To keep yourself from spending money that could go toward a mortgage in Chicago or more gifts for friends or family, Equifax shares how to get ready in the new article, ”

Seven Essential Home Maintenance Tips for Winter.”

Some of the key ways to save on energy costs in winter are:

  • Get your heating system and ducts tuned up now – especially if it’s been a couple of years, now is the time to get your system cleaned up, your filters changed and your ducts cleaned so that your system is running as efficiently as possible for your comfort and for lower bills.
  • Add insulation – adding weather stripping around doors and extra caulking around windows will help protect you from a draft that will decrease your comfort levels and increase your heating bills. You can also look into attic insulation to help with better keeping the heat in living areas.
  • Chimney check – if you have a wood-burning fireplace, you’ll want to have someone check to make sure there isn’t a soot clog that could be a health hazard.

There are more tips in the full article, and the Equifax Finance Blog has tips about how to save money, plan for retirement and boost

credit ratings – all for free – so be sure to check the site out!

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