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December 25, 2013

Trend: Gold Storage Trunks


It seems as though I have been seeing these gorgeous vintage gold trunks popping up quite a bit lately, and with good reason.  They add something quite unexpected to a space while boasting in beautiful storage.  Seen above, one acts as a coffee table, which can contain blankets, pillows and games inside.  However, I have also seen them used as a chic place to hide pet gear, a place to store entryway shoes, a bench holding office supplies and even as a nightstand in a bedroom.  It is always wonderful when something so glam can double as a place to store away daily essentials in your new Chicago home.

Are you still loving the gold trend?  I can’t seem to get enough gold in my life lately, and that is no exception when it comes to looking for storage solutions for our home.  If you are gushing over it as much as I am, here are a few ways to integrate gold storage into your everyday organizing.



I use jars all over my home to store everything from cotton balls in the bathroom to noodles in the kitchen to writing supplies on my desk.  Everyday mason jars receive and instant upgrade with a little spray paint; either cover the entire jar in gold or just place focus on the lid for a simple impact or tape off and spray the bottom to give yourself a trendy dipped effect.




Shelving does not have to be boring to be functional.  By using gold spray paint or gold foil on a standard metal shelving unit, which can be purchased at a big box store, you create storage that looks like it was straight from a designer showroom.   Or, if you are maximizing vertical space with wall shelves, try gilding the shelving brackets.


In the Office:


Whether you decide to transform your desk or just add pops of gold to the desktop through pencil cups and decorative trays, bringing some gold into the workspace is sure to brighten your day.


Basket Bling:



By spray painting standard baskets, whether for the floor or the wall, you add instant drama and bling to any space in your home.


Box it Up!


Decorative boxes are smart for storing all of your itty-bitty daily necessities.  Place one by the front door to corral your wallet and keys and another on your dresser to hold your pretty jewels and accessories.  How about one on the coffee table for remotes and one on your desk for business cards?  The ways to use these brilliant little beauties are endless, making them an extremely versatile storage option.

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