5 Ways to Display Children’s Artwork in your New Chicago Home

December 29, 2013

Every child possesses the will and skill of an artist and that truth is validated by one of the best. Picasso famously said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

kid gallery

Parents are often presented with masterpieces big and small, those whimsical portrayals in vivid color that the kids pour their heart into each time they sit down to create with pens or paint. Instead of tucking artwork into a drawer, consider these five different ways to display them with pride in the home.

Create an interesting arrangement above a piece of furniture with finger paintings and watercolor sketches placed inside frames in different sizes but with the same finish and mat.

watercolor paintings

A family room comes alive with color and personality when the space is filled with children’s art. Install floating shelves in an asymmetrical layout above the sofa to continue the rotating display of works.

wall gallery childrens art


Contain a gallery above a sofa framed by a colorful backdrop – the molding will act as an even larger frame to smaller artwork pinned to the wall.

kids art bhg

Corralling dark frames on a large fabric covered canvas communicates a collection is on display. Picture lights installed above bring attention to artwork when daylight has gone.

kids art on wall

Look up higher to places on your wall where a series of frames in a group will bring cheer to a space. Colorful photographs and prints above tall windows in a breakfast nook inspire artists to keep creating in the hopes it will be elevated to the gallery.

art above door

For more ideas on displaying children’s artwork, look to these additional tips.

How do you display your child’s artwork in your home?


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