Donut Fest Descends on Chicago This Weekend

January 22, 2014

Donut Fest

As evidenced by the incessant queues outside doughnut shops and how doughnuts pop up on menus faster than Whack-A-Moles, Chicago is clearly having a love affair with doughnuts. To celebrate this deep-fried fling, Chicago is ready to welcome its inaugural Donut Fest on Jan. 26.

The only way to make doughnuts more delicious is by serving them up with a bit of chummy competition. In order to smartly maximize the city’s torrid obsession with all things fried dough, Donut Fest brings together 15 doughnuts from 15 of Chicago’s top doughnut-slingers. From yeast-risen doughnuts to cake-y treats, from crullers to fritters, all walks of doughnut life are represented at this imminent doughnut smack-down.

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