Improved Installation with Warmup’s Alligator Tester

April 25, 2014

The Alligator by WarmupGetting precise and detailed information about electrical resistance on heating conductors is important when it comes to installing in floor heating. Sometimes, meters that measure electrical resistance, which is measured in ohms, can miss certain readings that can result in problems with in floor heating systems down the road. However, thanks to the world’s best-selling electric floor heating brand, Warmup, installing  in floor heating systems is now easier and more dependable than ever.

With the introduction a new tester, The Alligator, installing Warmup’s products will be more precise and provide a more detailed report for warranty filing on all floor heating products.  The Alligator is a meter that has six-inch alligator clips that constantly monitor the electric resistance of heating cables before, during and after the installation process.

One of the greatest parts about The Alligator tester for installers is that after the tester is clipped to the leads and turned on, there is no maintenance that has to go into monitoring the meter during the project. This helps the installer guarantee a well-done installation.

The constant monitoring capability of The Alligator is useful for installers, managers, general contractors and others present on the job site who need to be aware of the integrity of the system at all times. Unlike other continuity testers, The Alligator does not sense heating conductors’ complete cable damage. Instead, The Alligator is able to sense common damage to cables, which can help prevent small issues from going unnoticed.

The Alligator is just another reason why Warmup is an excellent choice for in floor heating systems. For more information, visit www.warmup.com.

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