Development Update: Is the Edgewater Medical Center Redevelopment Finally On?

January 04, 2015

After years of speculation and numerous proposals, wrecking crews may finally start to work on the long-vacant Edgewater Medical Center complex. In January, CA Development is slated to start demolishing the center’s parking garage to make way for 15 new single-family homes, according to DNAinfo. They’re contracted by MCZ Development, which bid $7.5 million for the entire complex earlier this year, but requires a TIF commitment from the city before moving ahead. After crews pump out the foul-smelling water in the basement, it’s time to teardown, the beginning of the end for a saga that started with bankruptcy more than a decade ago.

[The Residences of Edgewater Park proposal from 2013, by OKW Architects]

After filing for bankruptcy in 2001 due to a Medicare scam that led to a cutoff in funds that broke the bank, the medical center has been a vacant Edgewater eyesore. As the 114,300-square-foot lot attracted graffiti tags and trash, debate emerged in the neighborhood between raising and replacing the center with new green space, supported by the Friends of West Edgewater Park, or building over the blight with a mixed-use development. Numerous proposals have been floated, including a park, senior center, the tony
The Residences at Edgewater Park and a massive project by previous owners
http://chicago.curbed.com/archives/2011/02/01/waveland-partners-unveils-plans-for-edgewater-medical-center.php”>Waveland Partners
. The current MCZ/CA development would only impact a portion of the site, but after more than a decade of inactivity, it’s a big sign of progress.

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