New Residents Guide to the Best Pizza Joints in Chicago

February 09, 2015

Chicago Style PizzaChicago is famous for many things. It is “The Windy City,” home of da’Bears, home of the Cubs—the longest running baseball franchise in history—and the birthplace of Chicago-style pizza. Chicago-style pizza is so good that you might want to be strategic about where you live in reference to some of Chicago’s most famous pizza joints. To aid you in your decision, here is Chicago Real Estate Forum’s list of the top four “best” pizza joints in Chicago, as well as information about the surrounding neighborhoods.

Pizzeria Uno – Located in the heart of Chicago’s Downtown area, this is the pizza joint that the rest of the world mentally associates with Chicago. It’s like a household name in the city, as they’ve been around making deep-dish since 1943 when the style was invented. Pizzeria Uno is located right in between four major neighborhoods: The Loop, the Gold Coast, River North and Streeterville. Gold Coast, one of Chicago’s more affluent neighborhoods, is home to the famous Magnificent Mile—a shopper’s dream! Median home values here are in the low $300,000s, and rental prices are very reasonable. To the west of Pizzeria Uno is River North. Although home values are lower than Gold Coast and Streeterville, River North’s market is looking promising for future value. This neighborhood is also the furthest inland away from Lake Michigan and The Loop. Streeterville is the neighborhood to the East of Pizzeria Uno, and in terms of home value, it is the highest. Streeterville is a rather small neighborhood located directly on the lake providing a cozy atmosphere and a beautiful view.

Pizzeria Due – You’re probably thinking that this name seems oddly similar to the first one; that’s because they’re related! These two restaurants were originally opened by the same man, Ike Sewell, and Due is located literally one street down from Uno. Whether you decide to live in The Loop, Streeterville, Gold Coast or River North, you will be just minutes from the two best Chicago-style pizzerias in the city!

Lou Malnati’s – Lou Malnati’s is a true Chicago-style original located all over the Chicago area from the Near Northside to Dearborn Park to the Near West Side. In terms of home values, the best bet is Dearborn Park. With homes valued at more than $300,000 and a projected six percent increase in the market over the next year, Dearborn is perfect walking or cab distance to Malnati’s.

Giordano’s – Giordano’s pies are true Chicago-Italian deliciousness. This pizzeria is a Chicago-area staple with pizza influenced by the Northern Italian recipes, and the best part is they have locations everywhere. Between Near North Side, Greektown and the Museum Campus exists five Giordano’s locations! There are two in The Loop area alone with one in Central Loop and yet another in the Gold Coast area. The Giordano brothers claim to have invented the stuffed pizza; no wonder it is located all over the city.

Chicago has many neighborhoods and no matter where you call home, one thing is certain: great pizza isn’t far away. Be sure to remain strategic about where you decide to buy or rent property in Chicago. Home value, market projection, school district and budget are all important considerations when moving to a new place; however, don’t undervalue the importance of the amenities, such as Chicago-style deep dish pizza, in the area you choose.

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