Seven Advantages of Buying a New Home

March 26, 2015
Liberty Trails new home in McHenry, Illinois

Gerstad Builders home at Liberty Trails in McHenry, IL

When you purchase a new home, you are creating a fresh new beginning for you and your family. The kitchen is brand new, the backyard is clear to plant a beautiful garden and the entire home is open to your imagination. Buying a new home allows for freedom of creativity, and also ensures that you are provided with the latest features in safety and technology. Here are some of the fantastic advantages that come from owning a new home.

Personal style. When you purchase an older home, you’re choosing a home that was designed for someone else at a different time. New home builders allow you to choose your floor plan layout, customize bedroom and bathroom options, install the latest appliances and select your favorite finishes for flooring, cabinets and counter tops. Not only does this allow you to customize your home to match your personality, but it also eliminates the trouble of renovations and replacing old appliances.

Brand new warranties. Pre-owned homes generally do not come with an extensive and reliable warranty and are often equipped with outdated appliances. If a home inspection reveals out-of-date violations for structure, water or electrical equipment, renovations and replacements could exceed your budget or even delay your move-in date. New homes feature products and appliances that are brand new and under warranty, so you won’t have to worry about an endless list of maintenance tasks to bring your house up to code.

Customized floor plan. Older homes often have smaller rooms that are closed off from one another, while new home plans include open-floor layouts with more space. Entertaining is a lot easier when everyone can fit into one room, and you can cook dinner without being closed off from the conversation. Most home builders offer a variety of floor plans so that buyers can prioritize their individual needs, whether it’s the number of bedrooms, extra bathrooms, additional space in the garage or numerous other preferences.

Technology for today. Homes that were built several decades ago are not wired for today’s variety of electronic devices. Our everyday devices include TVs, gaming systems, phones, computers and a host of other gadgets, and older homes never seem to have enough outlets to accommodate all of them. New homes are equipped with multiple outlets for both indoor and outdoor use, structured wiring, up-to-date lighting plans and, often times, security systems. While these technologies can be highly expensive to replace in an older home, new homes are built to reflect our current lifestyle.

Energy-efficiency. Even compared to homes built five years ago, much less homes built 20 years ago, new homes are much more energy-efficient. Builders construct homes in accordance with energy-efficient standards and practices that have become increasingly more important. New technologies include modern ventilation and air-filtration systems to prevent drafts and increase indoor air quality, providing continual comfort in every season. Not only are these features more environmentally friendly, they also save a significant amount on monthly bills.

The latest safety standards. Safety and security standards are an important priority for any homeowner, whether the concern is to protect your assets or ensure the safety of your family. New homes are constructed in accordance with the latest building codes and safety regulations, including high-efficiency furnaces, environmentally friendly air conditioners and paint compounds with fewer dangerous organic compounds. With a new home, you’ll know that the electrical equipment, housing structure and heating devices are safe for your family.

Neighborhood amenities. New homes are increasingly built within master-planned communities that include additional amenities for homeowners. Popular features include clubhouses, community pools, playgrounds, trails, parks, tennis courts and fitness centers. Many communities also host events for homeowners, which allow everyone to connect and form new friendships with their neighbors. In addition to private amenities, new communities are frequently built near local schools, restaurants, shopping and entertainment options to provide convenient commuting options for homeowners.

If you’ve always had a “dream home” in mind, Gerstad Builders provides a range of beautiful new homes in McHenry, Richmond and Poplar Grove, Illinois, and Williams Bay, Wisconsin. Their fantastic staff will help you express your freedom of creativity by guiding you through the selection process of home designs, upgrades, styles and finishes. As the largest builder in McHenry County, Gerstad Builders is characterized by a solid reputation of quality, professionalism and superior customer service. To learn more about finding a unique home customized just for you, visit the Gerstad Builders website.

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