Is Your Social Media Making The Grade?

December 14, 2015
Is Your Social Media Making the Grade?

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Have you thought about the effectiveness of your current social media marketing program and whether you’re getting the results you want? BuilderRadio is featuring a podcast with special guest Carol Morgan, mRELEVANCE managing partner and author of Social Media 3.0. During the podcast Carol will be giving tips on how to evaluate your social media marketing program to get optimal results!

Some of the tips that Carol will cover include frequency of use, content strategy, goals and measurement, branding, and followers and interactions.

An important tip to remember is that less isn’t necessarily more when it comes to social media. The more you post on your social media sites, the more consumers will remember your company. Determining the frequency of your posts and planning ahead will help; update your sites weekly or daily. If you’re not posting on a regular basis, potential buyers will not remember you. The more you post, the more likely your brand will be at the front of their mind. This tip applies to your website and blog as well.

Do you currently have a strategy for content? The next tip is fairly obvious if you don’t! Come up with a plan for content on your website, social media sites and your blog. Start by evaluating what makes your company different, and be sure to include in and incentives or promotions you offer in your assessment. Use photos, videos and podcasts to set your message apart from competitors. Some examples are, “Model Home Mondays” and “This and That.” Content isn’t just about the words!

Another important strategy is to set up social media goals and determine how to measure their effectiveness. It is essential to set up goals for every profile, promotion or program you have because they will differ for each.  Don’t stop there. Use Google Analytics to set up conversion tracking to measure the progress of your goals. By tracking completed contact forms, clicks for directions, website clicks and click to call, you can make necessary changes to your program to ensure that it is successful.

Take a look at your current branding strategy across all your social media sites. Is your logo consistent on all your profiles? Is it the same as your website? Ensuring that your logo matches across all platforms tells consumers that they are looking at the same brand. Optimize your logo for each site. For example, the Google+ logo is round and Facebook is square. Create different versions so your logo looks its best across your entire online presence.

Now take a look at your followers. Who follows you? How frequently do they interact with your brand? Your followers and interactions are extremely important! If you have no followers and no interactions with your content, your strategy needs to be revisited. To gain and engage followers, create content that is original, engaging and fun to encourage visitors to follow you and interact.

When used in an effective, strategic manner, social media can be an integral part of any interactive marketing program. Your overall goal should be to maintain messaging that will engage buyers and complete branding to turn potential buyers into happy customers.

Join Carol as she shares tips on how you can create an A+ social media marketing strategy. Click here to listen.

For more information on integrating social media into your overall marketing program, contact Carol Morgan and the mRELEVANCE team at 770-383-3360 or on

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