Hillary Clinton’s Stand on Housing Applauded by NAHB

February 19, 2016
NAHB Chairman, Ed Brady applauds Hillary  Clinton's economic revitalization agenda

NAHB Chairman, Ed Brady applauds Hillary
Clinton’s economic revitalization agenda

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), which was founded in the 1940s, is the voice of the housing industry in the United States. The NAHB is a Washington based trade association that represents more than 140,000 members. Approximately one-third of its members are remodelers and homebuilders with the remaining members having some connection to the housing industry such as sales and marketing, manufacturing and supplying building materials, and housing finance.  Nearly 800 state and local homebuilder associations around the country are affiliated with the NAHB.  Collectively, the NAHB’s members will construct roughly 80 percent of both single and multifamily new homes built in the United States.

NAHB chairman Ed Brady, a developer and homebuilder from Bloomington, Illinois, issued a statement about an economic revitalization agenda that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced.

“We applaud Secretary Clinton for recognizing the significant role that housing plays in our local communities and economy and being one of the first presidential candidates to present a housing and community development plan that will help boost homeownership, rental housing and employment opportunities for the American people.

“Proposals such as providing a match for down payment savings, emphasizing homeownership counseling and taking steps to improve credit availability for qualified borrowers are all needed steps to boost homeownership. Secretary Clinton also recognizes the acute need to bolster the supply of affordable rental housing by proposing to increase the supply of Low Income Housing Tax Credits and remove local barriers to producing such housing. She also highlighted the importance of job training and apprenticeships as a path to economic opportunity, which the housing sector has a tremendous capacity to provide.

“We appreciate Secretary Clinton’s leadership on these vital issues and for putting housing front and center on the national agenda. We hope her vision will encourage other presidential candidates as they move forward on the campaign trail to focus on how housing can spur job and economic growth, something they have disappointingly yet to do.”

With Clinton’s $25 billion proposed plan, which is part of a broader $125 billion “economic revitalization program” it is felt that this will lift more families into maintainable homeownership. Based on her plan, potential homeowners would be provided down payment assistance, housing counseling programs, more affordable rental housing, an expansion of credit risk criteria beyond credit scores and clarification of lending rules.

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