Gerstad Builders Makes Enjoying the Great Outdoors Year-Round Possible

September 07, 2016

Jefferson SunroomAt Gerstad Builders, the family-owned and operated company tries to be innovative in its designs by adding something new to homeownership with every home it builds. The company has found that home buyers love the chance to be in touch with the great outdoors. Through Gerstad Builders’ special four-seasons rooms and screened porches, its customers have been able to reap the benefits of outdoor living year-round.

The incredible four seasons room does just what the name implies; home buyers get the luxury of enjoying the beauty of the outdoors in every season. The room has a similar design to traditional sunrooms, but there is one noteworthy difference. The four seasons room can be fully heated or cooled, depending on the month, like any other room in the home.

Life in one of these unique rooms means homeowners can experience the grandeur of Mother Nature. This room gives homeowners the opportunity to bask and relax in the sunny summer days, the beauty of spring, the crisp colors of fall and the winter wonderland. Unlike other outdoor areas, the four seasons room gets full-year access no matter the weather. Homeowners with this room can decorate and arrange the furniture however they want to make it a comfortable place to relax in or to have a neat extra hangout spot in the home.

For those who would rather feel the outdoors instead of just observe, Gerstad Builders’ homes give homeowners the chance to do this as well. The company’s homes include the option to add screened porches, allowing homeowners to relax in the seasonal weather while staying protected from bugs and other pests. Being able to feel the warmth of summer, the life of spring, the cool breeze of fall and winter’s chill is made possible here. Ultimately, Gerstad Builders wants to exceed each customer’s needs and wants in their homes.

Gerstad Builders is like no other. The company wants to make something special and provide buyers a new experience when they buy a Gerstad Builders home. The four seasons rooms and traditional screened porches are just one of the ways they do this. The benefits of these rooms are plentiful and add countless possibilities to each home!

If you’re searching for a new home in Chicago’s northern suburbs, Gerstad Builders has the home for you. Whether you want to buy in one of the builder’s communities in Richmond, Poplar Grove or McHenry, Illinois or Williams Bay, Wisconsin, or you’d prefer to build a new home on your lot, Gerstad Builders can accommodate your needs. To learn more about the builder, visit

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Roger Gerstad is the president of Gerstad Builders, a family-owned and operated company committed to construction of homes of the highest quality known to the industry. Roger is a graduate of Bradley University and was educated in the field of construction through the wisdom and leadership of his father. Gerstad has developed the communities of Mill Creek, Waters Edge, Winding Creek, Deerwood, Chesapeake Hills, Abbey Ridge, The Trails of Winding Creek, Pebble Creek, Timber Trails, The Trails of Boone Creek, The Trails of River Oaks, The Towns of Boone Creek, Liberty Trails, and Abbey Ridge Townhomes in McHenry, Illinois as well as Pheasant Ridge in Richmond, Illinois, Bailey Estates in Williams Bay, Wisconsin and Dawson Creek in Poplar Grove, Illinois.

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