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NEST Thermostat Offers Affordable Hi-Tech Heating and Cooling

Real estate in Chicago is becoming ‘smarter,’ and homeowners are taking advantage of technology in every way possible. One of the latest ‘smart’ technology trends to hit the market is the NEST Learning programmable thermostat, a device that studies your heating and cooling preferences over time so that you don’t have to program the thermostat [Read More]

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Plants Can Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

We all know that a great way to update the look of your home is by adding a fresh coat of paint or some new accessories, but why not add some plants into the mix as well? According to a NASA Clean Air Study, plants can improve the air quality of your home. Adding plants [Read More]

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Illinois Homes Will Become More Energy Efficient in 2013

A new energy code goes into effect today that will save homeowners hundreds of dollars on their utility bills, as the state is requiring that all newly built single-family homes must have a more energy-efficient “envelope.” An “envelope” includes the following key components of a home: foundation, floor systems, walls (interior and exterior) and the [Read More]

The Top 2013 Sustainable Design Trends

Green design is predicted to be one of the hottest Chicago new home trends in 2013! As homeowners and consumers are becoming savvier about how to save money and live a healthier lifestyle, many builders and designers are looking for ways to be more “green.” Here’s a rundown on the top eco-friendly additions we’ll be [Read More]

Proposals Needed for the 2013 Greenbuild Conference

Greenbuild, the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to green building, is now seeking peer reviewers and accepting proposals for their 2013 expo! The theme of the 2013 Greenbuild conference is “Greenbuild Nation,” which celebrates today’s interconnected global community. Greenbuild is looking for participants who wish to present on topics such as energy efficiency, affordable [Read More]

The Latest Chicago Real Estate Eco-Building Trends

One of the most popular building trends for 2013 is the expansion of ‘green’ Chicago real estate. In the past year, ‘green’ construction of single family homes made up 17 percent of the entire home building market, and this number is expected to double by 2016! Here are some green building additions that we’ll be [Read More]

Energy Efficient Chicago Homes are in High Demand

According to a study by House Designers, there has been a 10 percent growth rate in the building and design of ENERGY STAR® home plans. Thousands of homebuilders are now featuring special ‘green’ home plans and cost-friendly energy efficient Chicago homes, which will continue to be in high demand in 2013. The House Designers is [Read More]