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Gerstad Builders Launches New Interactive Website for Home Buyers

With the recent launch of a brand new, interactive website, Gerstad Builders is streamlining the process of searching for a new home. The McHenry County homebuilder partnered with mRELEVANCE for a complete makeover of its website. The new site offers an interactive map, enhanced search features and a simple, easy-to-navigate interface. In an increasingly digital [Read More]

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Big Data Comes to Your Neighborhood with BlockAvenue

BlockAvenue is a new app and website that puts the power of big data at your fingertips at a neighborhood level. Whether you are moving or just looking to learn more about where you live, BlockAvenue is a powerful resource. The app works by combining reports of demographic information, crime, transit, local amenities and restaurants, [Read More]

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Learn How to Attract Home Buyers Using Smart Technology

We live in a “gotta have it, know it, see it and get it now” age. Fifty percent of homebuyers own smartphones and use them to find homes for sale, so it’s important to make sure that your communities and homes are available for viewing on mobile devices. If your business isn’t reaching out to [Read More]

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How Home Builders Can Benefit from Social Media

Managing social media can be challenging for any organization, and home builders are no exception. If you find that a typical social media conversation in your office resembles the following, then you are not alone: You: “Marketing Assistant, you handle Facebook; Receptionist, you take Twitter and Summer Intern A, you take Pinterest; I’ll oversee everything [Read More]

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Revestor is the Latest Real Estate in Chicago App

Looking for the latest app that can help you with your real estate in Chicago purchase? Revestor recently launched a nationwide app that was previously only available in certain metros. Now, no matter where homeowners are located, they will be able to use Revestor’s technology to assist them in the home buying process. The Revestor [Read More]

Zillow Launches Mortgage Marketplace App

Zillow has just launched a new app for the iPad, in addition to their existing apps for iPhones and Android Phones. The free Zillow Mortgage Marketplace App is a personalized mortgage research and shopping app that can assist anyone searching for a Chicago new home. App users can connect with qualified lenders in order to [Read More]

Best Real Estate Apps for Your Chicago New Home

Maybe you’ve just purchased a new iPhone or are looking for new apps for your iPad or tablet. Either way, here are some great apps to help you with your Chicago real estate research. The App: This is a great app to have because it is the most accurate. Updated on a constant basis, [Read More]

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