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A Park is More than a Playground: Interview with Chicago Park Supervisor Rilan Betts

“A park is only as strong as the people that surround the park.” Sometimes people forget about the important relationships parks play within a community. Rilan Betts (left) is one of the youngest park supervisors in Chicago, and he is on mission to add some flavor within the traditional park model starting with the historical Jackie Robinson Park. But where [Read More]

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Grants To Improve Parenting Programs in Chicago Neighborhoods

The Robert McCormick Foundation and the Chicago Tribune have partnered up to announce 27 grant awards that will assist local agencies with parenting programs. Residents of new homes in Chicago will be pleased to see that these programs will be making Chicago-area communities safer for children. The motivation behind the awards is to strengthen the [Read More]

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Group Honored for Helping Homeless Chicago Youth

Its slogan is “More than housing . . . hope.” It’s the housing and the hope this non-profit organization provides to Chicago’s youth that is earning attention and accolades from the biggest American house of all. This week, Chicago-based La Casa Norte (LCN) was honored at the White House for the agency’s commitment to helping [Read More]

Recycling Event at Liberty Trails in McHenry

Oh summer. Warm days filled with swimming, get-togethers with family and friends and ice cold beverages. But after you’ve cracked open and enjoyed your drink, what do you do with your cans? Do you throw them away? We have a better idea for McHenry County real estate residents: recycle! Families living at Liberty Trails in [Read More]

Cricket Spreading Holiday Cheer Around Chicago

Here’s a lovely holiday gift to Chicago residents from one of its retailers. Cricket Communications, a provider of unlimited wireless services, is offering free phone calls home for the holidays at various community organizations throughout Chicago during the 12 Days of Cricket program. Each day from December 11-22, Cricket will provide activated wireless handsets and [Read More]

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