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President Declares Chicago a Disaster Area Thanks to the Blizzard of 2011

This weekend marks something very important to Chicago: Sunday is the first day of Spring. Since temperatures have risen above 35 degrees it seems like most Chicago residents have stripped their bodies of winter coats in anticipation of warmer weather. And, we deserve those warmer temps. This winter was brutal. So brutal that President Barack [Read More]

Cook Among Counties on Storm-Aid List

The snow may have melted, but Chicago-area residents won’t soon forget the Blizzard of 2011. The storm is on the mind of our president, too, and not just because his Chicago home was buried in snow like the rest of us. President Barack Obama on Monday received a formal request from Governor Pat Quinn asking [Read More]

Chicago Real Estate Owners: Don’t Forget About Furnace Vents

The snow may have stopped, but the effects of the Blizzard of 2011 linger on and many are still stuck in their Chicago homes. More than 20 inches of snow was dumped this week onto the Chicago area, which is now experiencing frigidly cold temperatures and wind chills that make it feel even colder. Groundhog [Read More]

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A Productive Suggestion for the Housebound

Has the snow got you stuck inside your Chicago home today? Why not make good use of your time and start working on your 2010 tax return? In April, when it’s beautiful outside, you’ll be glad you spent the Groundhog Day Blizzard snow-in preparing yourself for tax season. Here are some tips from the Illinois [Read More]

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Groundhog Day Grounded in Chicago

Today, February 2, is Groundhog Day, but the chance of a groundhog seeing his shadow, or anything else with this much snow, is remote. Because of the blizzard, Brookfield Zoo, which was all geared up for a big Groundhog Day celebration, is closed for only the second time in its 77-year history. The zoo did [Read More]

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Blizzard Turns Chicago Area Into State of Emergency

We did it, Chicago residents. We have hit the record books. O’Hare Airport recorded 20.2 inches of snow, making Chicago’s Blizzard of 2011 the third biggest on record. As it is, yesterday will go down in history as the snowiest February 1 on record. The storm crippled the Chicago area. Lake Shore Drive was closed [Read More]

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Blizzard Warning in Effect for Chicago

The Blizzard of 2011 is here, Chicago residents. Are you prepared? I don’t have to give you the forecast. Just look out the window. This storm could be one for the record books. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn issued a disaster declaration Tuesday before the major snowstorm even made its way to the Chicago area. More [Read More]

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