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Celebrate Groundhog Day in Woodstock This Year

The end of winter is in sight! On February 2nd, the groundhog will tell us whether we’ll have an early reprieve from the cold or suffer through another 6 weeks of snow and ice. While Groundhog Day is celebrated across the country, one Chicago suburb takes the festivities to another level. Woodstock, IL was the [Read More]

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Remember the Weather Last February?

I can’t believe it’s already February. I’m still getting used to writing 2012 on the mortgage payment check for my Chicago real estate. Alas, a new month means a plethora of new observances and platforms, some worthwhile, some just worth reading about. Some of the worthwhile: February happens to be National Get To Know an [Read More]

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Chicago Real Estate Owners: Don’t Forget About Furnace Vents

The snow may have stopped, but the effects of the Blizzard of 2011 linger on and many are still stuck in their Chicago homes. More than 20 inches of snow was dumped this week onto the Chicago area, which is now experiencing frigidly cold temperatures and wind chills that make it feel even colder. Groundhog [Read More]

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Groundhog Day Grounded in Chicago

Today, February 2, is Groundhog Day, but the chance of a groundhog seeing his shadow, or anything else with this much snow, is remote. Because of the blizzard, Brookfield Zoo, which was all geared up for a big Groundhog Day celebration, is closed for only the second time in its 77-year history. The zoo did [Read More]

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