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Sky(scraper)’s the Limit This Month

It’s a new month, and this month happens to celebrate the American dream of owning a home. That’s right. June is National Homeownership Month, and with record-low mortgage rates, dropping housing prices and a large inventory of homes for sale, it couldn’t be a better time to buy. Check back to Chicago Real Estate Forum [Read More]

June 02, 2012 | Author: Tracey | Comments: (0) | Categories: Education, Featured

Fair Housing is Always in Season

The month of March registered more days with below-average temperatures than any other March in Chicago history. April Fool’s! Actually, last month was the warmest March on record in Chicago and Illinois. The Chicago area recorded an average temperature throughout the month of 53.5 degrees, which smashed the previous record of 48.6 degrees set in [Read More]

April 01, 2012 | Author: Tracey | Comments: (0) | Categories: Education, Featured

Remember the Weather Last February?

I can’t believe it’s already February. I’m still getting used to writing 2012 on the mortgage payment check for my Chicago real estate. Alas, a new month means a plethora of new observances and platforms, some worthwhile, some just worth reading about. Some of the worthwhile: February happens to be National Get To Know an [Read More]

February 01, 2012 | Author: Tracey | Comments: (0) | Categories: Featured

How Safe is your Home Office?

Do you work out of your Chicago real estate? Then you should know that January 8-13 is Home Office Safety and Security Week. Whether you are a telecommuter or a small business owner, you should ensure that your working space is safe, productive and works well for you. Here are some tips for correctly setting [Read More]

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Wonder if this Month Will Include Snow Around Chicago

I want to take a moment to Thank You! for visiting Chicagoland Real Estate Forum today. I’m not just thanking you because I appreciate your patronage, wish of course I do, but I’m taking this special opportunity to honor National Thank You Month, as well. Each month, we lay out different observations and celebrations that [Read More]

January 06, 2012 | Author: Tracey | Comments: (0) | Categories: Featured

There’s Much to be Thankful For in November

It’s kind of funny that November happens to be National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month, considering Chicago Real Estate Forum just wrote about the rising price of peanut butter coming this month. Hopefully, you stocked up on the staple and will have plenty on hand to honor it over the next 30 days. If not, don’t [Read More]

November 01, 2011 | Author: Tracey | Comments: (0) | Categories: Featured

Can You Believe It’s October Already?

It’s a new month, which means new observances, including one that is particularly close to me and my Chicago real estate right now. You see, October is National Toilet Tank Repair Month, and my commode happens to be broken as we speak. Talk about a convenience you don’t appreciate enough until it’s unavailable. Actually, toilet [Read More]

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