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Seven Steps to Protect Yourself From Identity Theft This Year

New Year’s resolutions can cover everything from health goals and lifestyle changes to travel and finance goals. With so many cases of identity theft and fraud being reported around the country, one of your resolutions for 2015 should be to protect yourself. The pros at offer seven tips to ensure you’re protected in the [Read More]

January 30, 2015 | Author: admin | Comments: (0) | Categories: Education

How Paying Additional Mortgage Payments Will Affect Your Taxes

Tax season is nearly here, and many people adopted new strategies during the month of December in the hopes that it would reduce their taxes. One of the most common ways that homeowners can reduce their taxes is by paying their January mortgage payment early. By paying a mortgage payment early, you will be able [Read More]

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Protect Yourself This Tax Season with These Tips

Beginning this month, the IRS will impose new limits on the number of refunds that can be deposited into an individual bank account in an effort to prevent identity theft. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), tax- and wage-related fraud was the most common type of identity theft reported from 2011 to 2013. Starting [Read More]

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How Renting Your Home Impacts Your Taxes

If you’re considering renting out your home, for whatever reason, there are important tax implications to doing so that you should keep in mind. The tax repercussions will differ depending on your situation, whether you are renting out a room in your home to help make your monthly mortgage payment, renting out your vacation home [Read More]

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Equifax Explains the Costs of Early Retirement Withdrawal

If you’re saving for retirement or have an emergency fund set aside, it can be tempting to use a portion of that money before it’s time for a variety of reasons. Whether you’ve found the perfect vacation home to purchase for your family or would like to take the Mediterranean cruise that you’ve always dreamed [Read More]

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Mid-Year Tax Tips from Equifax

With summer behind you and kids back in school, now is a perfect time (before the bustle of the holiday season begins) to take some time to review your taxes. Doing so may save you some money, according to the tax experts with the Equifax Finance blog. They explain it all in the recent article, [Read More]

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When is the Best Time to Think About Taxes?

Do you think after April 15 you don’t have to think about taxes for another nine months or so? Think again. The IRS is working year-round; and here are just a few reasons from the tax experts at the Equifax Finance blog why you should start paying attention to your taxes all year long. The [Read More]

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